Home & Garden Show Test Answers

Answers are highlighted in yellow

1. Carp enter Ants...

A. Feed on the wood they infest.

B. Are Herbivores.

C. Make tunnels and chambers in the wood to live in.

D. A & C

2.Sowbugs, Pill bugs, and Potato bugs are in the same family related to...

A. Spiders

B. Earwigs

C. Lady Bugs

D. Shrimp

3.Cluster Fly larvae Feed on...

A. Earthworms

B. Human Feces

C. Dead Animals

D. Mosquito Larvae.

4.The Yellow Jacket...

A. Can only sting one time

B. Can sting multiple times

C. Wiaadie after it stings


D. Cannot sting


5.Bed Bugs...

A. Are too small to see

B. Will die within a week if not fed

C. Require a dirty environment

D. Primarily feed on humans

6.A House Mouse can eat how many pounds of food in a year?

A. 2 lbs.

B. 4 lbs.

C. 6 lbs.

D. 8 lbs.

7.Moths mature through a process called...

A. Instars

B. Shedding of exoskeleton

C. Complete Metamorphosis

D. All the above

8.Cockroaches can feed on...

A. Plastic

B. Aluminum

C. Glue

D. Wood

9.The Termites we have in Idaho are...

A. Damp wood

B. Drywood

C. Subterranean

D. We do not have Termites in Idaho

10.Carpet beetles feed primarily on...

A. Grain bi-products

B. Nylon Fiber

C. Proteins

D. Cellulose