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The eastern gray squirrel is not native to Idaho, it was brought in by humans in the 1900's. However, they currently have a large population and you can often see them scampering amongst the trees or foraging on the ground. They have grayish brown fur, and a flattened, bushy tail.

Habitat: They are active only during the day and squirrels typically live in trees, preferring hardwood or mixed nut trees in the forests. They also live in rural areas commonly seen in neighborhoods or communities with trees.

Food: They feed mainly on seeds and nuts, particularly pine seeds and acorns, they will however take berries, fungus and other food. They have adapted to eating peanuts, sunflower seeds, and other treats people feed them in their back yards.

Squirrels will bury nuts and other foods for later use. For example, in winter when food is scarce they can smell and retrieve buried nuts under a foot of snow.

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