To see ways of inspecting your hotel room for bed bugs see the link below.


Bed Bugs are about 3/16" of an inch long (about the size of a small watermelon seed).
Their bodies are broad, oval, flat and are brown to reddish-brown in color.


Bed Bugs live where we live. We are their soure of food. Search the following areas for them: mattresses, bed frames, bedside tables, headboards, molding, picture frames and much more. Look for blood stains and black smears on fabrics and the bed frame. They hide during the day and come out to feed at night. You may not see the actual bug, but the evidence can be very visible.

Community Impact:

The number of Bed Bugs found in the Magic Valley is rising at an alarming rate.

They arrived about 10 years ago. Slowly increasing until recently, they have exploded in number. Their mode of moving from one location to another is as simple as kids visiting another home that has them, going to a hotel or motel that may have them, buying used furniture or electronics. The paths they may take to find their way in, are endless.


This is no simple task.
While traveling, inspect beds and bedding in hotel or motel rooms, travel bags and clothing. Look for the bugs and/or evidence of them. At home, be vigilant in inspecting beds and bedding.

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