We have several species of rodents here in the magic valley.



1: HOUSE MOUSE. The House Mouse is a small gray mouse. They are from  2.5 to 3.5 inches long from tip of nose to end of body. or 5 to 8 inches from tip of nose to end of tail. Their tails have very little hair. They generally live in homes and other buildings. But are also very adapt to living outdoors. Mice have very poor sight and use there keen sense of smell and touch to maneuver through dark spaces and rooms. Mice can get into almost any environment do to their size and amazing ability to squeeze into small holes or spaces.


2: DEER MOUSE.   The Deer Mouse, after adulthood, has a two tone body coloring. The top is  brown to tan and the stomach is white. The young are gray to tan in color. Their large and round ears can help distinguish the young deer mouse from the common house mouse. The Deer mouse prefers to be out doors but will enter homes and buildings from time to time.

The Deer Mouse CAN carry the HANTAVIERUS. This virus is carried in the urine saliva and feces of the Deer Mouse. Never sweep, vacuum, or clean in any way that will cause dust to come off of these materials! While Hantavierus is not easily contracted it is a respiratory illness that results in death to 30 to 35 % of the time.


3: PACK RAT:  The Pack Rat can weigh as much as 5 lbs  but averages about 3 to 4lbs. and can be a long as 12 inches from head to tail. Their tails, while not as bushy as a squirrels, are bushy.  Normally found in desert and rural areas
they find there way into homes & buildings. They are very good climbers andn the roof or attic is a common entry point for them. They come by the name Pack Rat honestly, packing areas full of what ever they can get a hold of, personal experience has shown nests with christmas ornaments, golf balls, clothing, dryer linen and more.


Other rodents we have in Southern Idaho are Squirrels, Ground Squirrels, Voles, Pocked Gophers and  Rock Chucks. Cook Pest Control can help with extermination or prevention for any of these rodents.






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